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What is Denver II Developmental Screening Test?

Aug 4, 2021 | Child Health | 0 comments

Hello dear mothers and fathers;

Denver II Developmental Screening Test; Applied to children aged 0-6, who have a healthy appearance; It is a screening test that is necessary to monitor development in children and to detect deviations from normal early.

  • It can be applied repeatedly from birth to 6 years of age.
  • Denver II compares the child’s ability in functions with their peers.
  • It’s not an intelligence test, it’s a development test.

This test, which evaluates the age-appropriate skills of the child;

  • It is used to screen for asymptomatic developmental problems,
  • Confirming suspicious situations with an objective criterion,
  • It is valuable in monitoring developmentally at-risk children. (For example, babies with perinatal problems)

Denver II consists of 134 items collected in four sections on the test form to screen the following developmental areas:

  • Personal-Social:
    • communicating with people, meeting their individual needs
  • Fine Motor-Adaptive:
    • Hand-eye coordination, using objects, problem solving
  • Language:
    • Hearing, understanding, using language
  • Gross Motor:
    • Sitting,
    • Walking,
    • Jumping,
    • General coordination ability

For more information about the Denver II test, which we will start to apply in our clinic very soon;

Visit: http://www.gcn.org.tr/tr/denver-ii-test

Resources: http://www.gcn.org.tr

I wish you healthy days


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