This agreement has been entered into force by mutual acceptance by “Serap Seker Photography” residing at “199 Goodwin Drive, Guelph Ontario Canada N1L 0C7” and the User benefiting from the websites at the URL addresses of “” and “”. This agreement is for the User (hereinafter referred to as the “USER”), who registers in the system to access all kinds of paid/free, audio/video content offered on “” and “”, to create content, to participate in competitions. It will come into effect with the User’s subscription to the website.


2.1. Site: Site refers to the websites located at the URL addresses “” and “”.

2.2. User: User refers to the persons who benefit from the services offered on the Site within the conditions specified in this contract.

2.3. Agreement: Indicates this User Agreement.

2.4. Company; Company means “Serap Seker Photography”, resident at “199 Goodwin Drive, Guelph Ontario Canada N1L 0C7” and the legal owner of the site.


3.1. The subject of this contract; consists of determining the terms of benefiting from all goods, services and content available on the Site for the user and to be offered by the Company in the future, as well as the rights and obligations of the parties.

3.2. By accepting the terms of this contract, the user also accepts the use of the goods and services on the Site within the specified conditions, membership and any future changes to the Site, all kinds of statements made later by the Company and all contractual provisions. The user accepts, declares and undertakes to act in accordance with all matters specified in the aforementioned statements.


4.1. In order to access and use the Site, Users must be at least 18 years old, have the authority to sign a contract by law, and unconditionally accept this User Agreement (including the Privacy Policy) when registering for the application subject to the contract.

4.2. The User accepts and declares that he/she is informed about the nature of the content subject to sale and the payment method and all other matters in accordance with the Regulation on Distance Contracts, that he/she has been informed beforehand and that this Agreement is binding.

4.3. The User accepts that the Company is not responsible for any transaction or action arising from mutual communication with other users through the Site.

4.4. The Company may at any time unilaterally terminate this agreement and terminate the User’s use of this Site, without giving any justification, without giving any notice and without any obligation to pay any compensation, and with immediate effect.


5.1. User Obligations:

a) The User accepts that he/she will act by all the terms and conditions in this Agreement and all applicable legal regulations while using the Site while performing the user procedures and that he/she has read, understood and approved all the terms and rules outlined in this Agreement.

b) In cases where the Company is obliged to make a statement to domestic and foreign official authorities due to legal regulations, the User will be authorized to disclose the information of the Users obtained within the Site to the official authorities, if this information is requested by the official authorities. accepts that no compensation can be claimed.

c) The User declares that he/she will be authorized to disclose the commercial information of the User to the domestic and foreign business partners with which the Company has agreed to fulfill its obligations subject to this Agreement and for this purpose, by declaring that he/she accepts this matter, therefore, by whatever definition, from the Company. accepts that no compensation can be claimed.

d) The User is obliged to keep the System Access Tools (such as username and password) used to access the Site confidential. The right to use the System Access Tools belongs exclusively to the User. The user will not disclose this information to third parties. The User is fully responsible for the consequences of the use of the System Access Tools by a third party.

to) The User acknowledges that this application is owned and operated by the Company. The content of the site is protected in accordance with Intellectual and Industrial rights. The User agrees not to reproduce, copy, distribute or process the photos, texts, audiovisual images, video clips, files, databases, educational contents and catalogues on the Site, which may infringe the real or personal rights or property of the Company or any other third party. and commits.

f) The User accepts and undertakes to pay the service fees for the paid content on the Site in the declared ways and to not benefit from the content offered on the Site unless he/she makes this payment. The company has the right to change the paid membership fee at any time.

g) The user cannot use the content on the Site other than for individual use, forward or transfer it to third parties and institutions. If unauthorized use is detected or suspected by the Company, the services provided under this Agreement may be stopped immediately and this Agreement may be terminated unilaterally without any notice. In this case, the Company reserves the right to demand compensation for its losses and other legal rights. The rights subject to this contract cannot be made the subject of commercial purposes by the User under any circumstances.

h) In response to the rights granted under the Agreements, the User allows us to use the device’s processor, bandwidth and storage hardware, to serve advertisements and other information in order to facilitate the operation of the Site.

NS) The user clearly states that he will ensure that all the messages he publishes on the Site and the statements written in his profile for promotional purposes comply with the following requirements: Not violating the intellectual property rights of third parties, Not containing any computer viruses that may pause, destroy or affect the Site functions, not praising crime or criminal behavior or illegal or threatening messages or messages that are against public order or morality, racist, hateful, obscene content, interfere with the right to privacy or encourage disrespect for people’s reputation; not incite violence, crime, suicide, or hatred of religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity; not to harass other Users; not support or encourage any criminal act or attempt; not requesting or providing passwords or personal information for commercial or illegal purposes; not forwarding e-mail chains, unsolicited bulk e-mails, instant messages, advertising messages and spam messages; It accepts and undertakes not to include advertisements or propaganda in order to offer products or services on the site and not to violate any rights similar to written reasons.

5.2. Rights and Obligations of the Company

a) The Company reserves the right to unilaterally change any content presented on the Site at any time, to close and delete the information and content uploaded by the User to the access of third parties, including the User. The Company may use this right without any notice or preemption.

b) Apart from the services it provides, the Company may use the User Information on the Site for User security, the performance of its own obligations and for some statistical evaluations and internal audits or for advertising or promotion as demographic information, classify and store them on a database.

NS) The Company reserves the right to change, reorganize, and stop the Site without any prior notice, any service, product, terms of use of the Site and the information presented on the Site, available in this Site and any of its extensions. Changes take effect at the time of publication on the Site. Users are deemed to have accepted these changes by using the Site or logging into the Site.

d) The Company does not give any guarantee that the services it provides within the scope of the Site will be constantly active and accessible. The Company, in particular, domestic and foreign judicial and other competent official decisions and practices, force majeure, situations caused by third parties, disruptions and delays caused by internet connection service providers and similar external factors, misuse, technical failures that may arise from the Company. and other malfunctions, repair work or other guidance as a result of disruptions does not accept any responsibility.

to) The Company reserves the right to change the Site, domain name, appearance, content and contents of the Site at any time.


The Company may use information about Users outside the scope of this Agreement, within the scope of the “Confidentiality Agreement”, which is an integral part of the User Agreement and included in the ANNEX-1 section of this Agreement. The Company may disclose or use the confidential information of Users to third parties outside the scope of this Agreement, but within the conditions specified in the “Confidentiality Agreement”.


a) The Company records non-specific personal data such as name, surname, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address through the application in order to provide better service to the User. The company also saves data such as social media addresses, portfolio information that users write on their user profiles to promote themselves.

b) The User accepts and declares that he has read this agreement and the Confidentiality Agreement and fulfills the disclosure obligation of the Company arising from the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. By accepting this agreement, the user is deemed to have authorized the processing, transfer and storage of his personal data.

NS) Company; It accepts and undertakes that it will process, transfer and store the personal data of the User limited to the scope and purpose of this Agreement. The Company may use the personal data transferred to it within the scope of this Agreement for the purpose of providing products and services correctly and to respond to consumer questions via e-mail, mail or telephone. The Company may use the personal data that the User transfers to him, for marketing activities and similar purposes, for communication within legal limitations, via e-mail, mail or telephone.

d) The company, User information 3. can be passed on to individuals. Regarding the transfer of user data, the Company Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy’ The procedures and principles set out in the. 3. Personal data shared with individuals are for the purpose of providing products and services and increasing service quality. Exceptional rights stipulated in PDPPP are reserved.

to) The User has the right to access his personal data without being charged a fee. The user, by contacting the Company; may request its rights arising from the Law on the Protection of Personal Data The Company will reply to the User within a reasonable time.

f) Within the scope of the Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy, the processing and transfer of personal data and the way to be followed by the User regarding personal data requests are explained in detail.


The technical data of the Site (overview, design, text, image, logo, icon, written, electronic, graphic or machine-readable technical data, all kinds of audio-visual content, BABIES & PHOTOGRAPHERS and SENİN HIKAYEN DERGİ brand, applied work method and work model, software code and other codes) are used under the copyright of the Company or obtained by the Company from a third party. All these elements of the Company, which are protected within the scope of intellectual and industrial rights, cannot be changed, copied, reproduced, translated into another language, republished, resold, shared, distributed, exhibited, used outside the scope of the User Agreement or derived from them without prior permission and reference. studies cannot be done or prepared.


9.1. The Company may, with its complete and unilateral decision, stop offering the content on the site subject to this Agreement to its members and terminate the service provision. In this case, the User will not claim any right or cost from the Company under any name.

9.2. If the User wishes to terminate this Agreement, he may delete his membership through the Site or terminate his membership by giving written notice to the Site. When the user unilaterally terminates his membership, he may request the deletion, destruction or anonymization of his personal data provided under this Agreement.

9.3. This User Agreement will remain in effect as long as the User is a member of the Site and will continue to have provisions and consequences between the parties.

9.4. Unless the user cancels his membership in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, his paid membership is automatically renewed for exactly the same period as the first term, unless he uses a one-time payment method. Therefore, if the member chooses a monthly subscription, such subscription will be automatically renewed each month.


This Agreement will enter into force as soon as it is read and accepted by the User and will remain in effect until terminated by either Party.


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