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How Do We Overcome Fear of Doctors?V

Aug 4, 2021 | Child Health | 0 comments

Hello dear parents;

As you all know, situations such as doctor’s examinations and hospital phobia can be observed, especially in preschool children. E.g; My children, who had this type of phobia before, can cry a lot when they come to me.

Some children may even react negatively when they hear words such as doctor and hospital. To prevent this situation or to minimize your child’s negative reactions, I have a few suggestions to make;

  • I’ll take you to the doctor, give you an injection, etc. It is very important not to intimidate with rhetoric in ways.
  • You should also buy your child a few toys related to medical devices and teach them about what they do.
  • You can give information to help him understand that it will not hurt him,
  • In this way, you will also contribute to your game-building skills.
  • The more you and we can be smiling and spread positive energy during the examination, the safer your child will feel.
  • You should explain to the children in an appropriate way why they need to undress during the examination.
  • It is very important to tell them through gamification.
  • If there is a vaccine in the examination, promises such as “you will not get hurt” should not be made, as you know, although they are small, of course, they can feel the pain. Let’s not lie so that the bond of trust between us is not damaged.

If there is a fear that does not go away despite doing all these, you can visit your doctor in her office from time to time outside of the examination, and you can establish a safe and more intimate relationship with your child.

I wish you healthy days


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