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Can you give information about the content of your magazine?

We have wedding and baby photographers on our team. It has full content for our photographer friends, regardless of the field, as well as for parents and children-babies. Articles, interviews with the photographer of the month, health articles of our valuable doctors, nurses and trainers, book, game and movie recommendations for children and parents. There are movie and app recommendations for our photographers and lots of other useful and fun content. Each issue opens a different window for us. We are preparing it with pleasure so that you can read it with pleasure 🙂

Can we gift your magazine to our families when we buy it?

Certainly! You can gift it to your loved ones. Since our magazine is a digital publication, you can share it with your loved ones via e-mail or send them to take it from our page.

Wedding and Baby Photographers must offer VALUE to their clients in order to make a DIFFERENCE in their industry. By gifting Your Story Magazine and its Products to your customers, you can stand out among many photographers and create loyal customers.

Is the magazine only available digitally? Is there a print?

Our first issue is very special for us. Therefore, if you buy our first issue, 1 piece print gift we will give. When you purchase our other publications, it is sent to your membership e-mail digitally and you can see your Story in your account and read it digitally.

Can we subscribe to your magazine annually?

Of course you can! We would like to inform you that 1 magazine is free when you subscribe annually. At the same time, you can benefit from 10% discount on the entire Your Story Store.

Do I need to create a membership?

Before ordering; Please create a subscription. In this way, you can easily follow the process after ordering from here.

How can I order?

After logging into your membership account and selecting the category and product you want from the products section, you can make the purchase.

Do you do gift wrapping?

After adding the gift package and accessory you choose when creating your order to your cart, you can make a purchase. A special package is made for you according to the accessory you choose.

Why are your prices in US dollars?

Your Story Magazine appeals to photographers and families not only in Turkey but all over the world. For this reason, pricing is made in both English and USD currency.

Are products included in shipping?

Shipping is not included in the products. We provide shipping with our contracted cargo company.

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Senin Hikayen Dergi, craft paper co, duvar kağıdı, çocuk odası, bebek odası, bebek duvar dekorasyonu, bpa, babies and photographers
Senin Hikayen Dergi, craft paper co, duvar kağıdı, çocuk odası, bebek odası, bebek duvar dekorasyonu
Senin Hikayen Dergi, craft paper co, duvar kağıdı, çocuk odası, bebek odası, bebek duvar dekorasyonu
Senin Hikayen Dergi, tuğba kobal fotograf, düğün fotoğrafçısı, aile ve bebek fotoğrafçısı, lifestyle photographer, yargıcı, chakra
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